About me…

My name is Rotem Ben-Shalom, 29 years old 2012 graduate of Industrial Design.

18 moths ago I opened my own studio for product design and my main product is “Flora”.

From the start I have worked with factories that employ workers from rehabilitation population.

Apart from the production I am the only employee in my business, I design the products, the prints, the packaging, I take my own products and markets them myself.

About FLORA…

FLORA is my first baby, produced in collaboration with rehabilitation charities.

FLORA is a multi-purpose pocket , designed and destined for hanging at home, on your porch, baby carriage, wall, mirror, window and even in the car and bicycle.  Flora is a Must-Have Storage Organizer and Decorator.

You can use FLORA as a vase, flowerpots, wedding gift (for your guests), decorative storage tool (kitchen, bathroom, children’s and living rooms, toys and home organization, craft supplies organizer and anywhere else) gift pack and dozens of other ways to which your imagination and creativity will carry you.
I believe that every item entering a person’s home has to be selected within a combination of love and necessity; i hopes to add to that equation and to your homes a smile, color and a designed unique solution for any purpose.